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Client reviews for Jess Blanche at Jess Blanche Coaching
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Empowerment to the max

Jess helped me to connect to conscious and subconscious blocks that contributed to my anxieties and fears. She guided me through this realization with ease and grace. I moved from distressed to completely empowered in the short time we tapped together. I now have a tapping script to use anytime my anxiety provoking fear arises. I’m incredibly grateful for the time with her! She’s a gifted healer.

Cassandra Quick

16 Jun, 2019

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Like Magic!

I was completely at ease with Jess from the minute the session began. Her energy is amazing.

This was my second tapping experience. We tapped around some things that had been blocking my flow for quite some time. During the session I laughed, cried and got a headache. We moved a lot of energy.

After the session I immediately felt lighter, clearer and more confident in moving forward with the actions I was having trouble with. Within 24 hours I got some results in my coaching business that I had not experienced in weeks.

Magic is a huge theme in my work. This EFT business works like magic. If you have not experienced it, give it a whirl. There;s a breakthrough waiting for you too.

Jess Reidell, Mystic Mavens LLC

30 May, 2019

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A very useful and transformative experience

My EFT session with Jess was very effective and uncovering old blocks and removing them. We had lots of fun creating the statements and I feel that the energy has already begun to shift. Thank you Jess.

Storm Moon

26 May, 2019

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I had several mindset shifts and healing from deep hurt. It was a comfortable way of getting the emotional results I wanted. Looking forward to shining my light without anything holding me back. Jess gave me tools to use in the future too. Forever grateful!

Chantelle Neufeld, Mindful Regeneration

21 May, 2019

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Insightful, deep, and fun all at once!

Absolutely amazing. Jess has an incredible knack for getting to the heart of the matter, and creating a safe space to work on issues. Our session was emotional and meaningful, yet somehow still a lot of fun and super easy! I'd recommend her to anyone.

Tris Moon

20 May, 2019

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Amazing EFT Session with Jess!

Jess is amazing! Her energy really helps you feel comfortable being vulnerable and expressing how you are feeling. She asks great questions that help you dig deeper into what is present for you during the session. She holds space so well for grief or any negative emotions. After our session, I felt like energy moved and a huge weight was lifted off me. With Jess' guidance I was able to go from a -5 feeling to a 7, which is huge! I would definitely do another session with her!

Jen Schwartz

9 May, 2019

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Just the kick in the ass I needed!

My session with Jess was so illuminating! She told me things I already "knew" but hadn't really processed. I love her upfront approach that's also open, kind, and friendly. She makes you feel as if you've just sat down to coffee with an old friend.

Megan Winkler

24 Sep, 2018

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Positive and empowering

I really valued Jess's help in showing myself to me - I needed someone who could help me with my mindset and energy, even though this is the exact work I also do with clients. I needed that support for myself and I found that with Jess. I feel that our session has marked a turning point for me, where I'm completely letting go of any struggle in my business and only doing what feels right for me.

Jacqui Calvert

21 May, 2018

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I was so overwhelmed and felt like I was sitting on the curb...well, Jess changed that.

I was really at a loss as what I should be doing to grow my business. I was stuck in my head. I was thinking I was 'working' on my business, but I wasn't.
Jess, has a wonderful talent of making you show up, making you hear your own truth, and doing the next best thing to move you forward.
She asks and listens with her heart and really sees what you may be missing from your own talents. Thanks so much!

Diana Lovitt, Inner Drop Healing Immersions for Boss Ladies

11 Nov, 2017

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My intuition kept pointing me to hire Jess, and I'm so glad I listened to it!!! Jess has an incredible way of asking the right questions exactly when you need to hear them, and hold space for you to really dig deep into who you TRULY are. She helped me take ownership of my authentic desires, without the fears of what other people would think or any of my old limiting beliefs getting in the way. And she helped me with so much more than just business. She helped me see how big I could really dream, and take inspired action that felt good instead of what I thought I should do. Thank you, Jess, for helping me give myself permission to shine so much brighter!!! I will definitely work with you again and recommend you to anyone who is looking to take their business/life to the next level. <3

Lauren Madden

15 Oct, 2017